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Merge tag 'media/v5.16-1' of git://
Pull media updates from Mauro Carvalho Chehab: - New driver for SK Hynix Hi-846 8M pixel camera - New driver for the ov13b10 camera - New driver for Renesas R-Car ISP - mtk-vcodec gained support for version 2 of decoder firmware ABI - The legacy sir_ir driver got removed - videobuf2: the vb2_mem_ops kAPI had some improvements - lots of cleanups, fixes and new features at device drivers * tag 'media/v5.16-1' of git:// (328 commits) media: venus: core: Add sdm660 DT compatible and resource struct media: dt-bindings: media: venus: Add sdm660 dt schema media: venus: vdec: decoded picture buffer handling during reconfig sequence media: venus: Handle fatal errors during encoding and decoding media: venus: helpers: Add helper to mark fatal vb2 error media: venus: hfi: Check for sys error on session hfi functions media: venus: Make sys_error flag an atomic bitops media: venus: venc: Use pmruntime autosuspend media: allegro: write vui parameters for HEVC media: allegro: nal-hevc: implement generator for vui media: allegro: write correct colorspace into SPS media: allegro: extract nal value lookup functions to header media: allegro: correctly scale the bit rate in SPS media: allegro: remove external QP table media: allegro: fix row and column in response message media: allegro: add control to disable encoder buffer media: allegro: add encoder buffer support media: allegro: add pm_runtime support media: allegro: lookup VCU settings media: allegro: fix module removal if initialization failed ...
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