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net: wan: Delete the DLCI / SDLA drivers
The DLCI driver (dlci.c) implements the Frame Relay protocol. However, we already have another newer and better implementation of Frame Relay provided by the HDLC_FR driver (hdlc_fr.c). The DLCI driver's implementation of Frame Relay is used by only one hardware driver in the kernel - the SDLA driver (sdla.c). The SDLA driver provides Frame Relay support for the Sangoma S50x devices. However, the vendor provides their own driver (along with their own multi-WAN-protocol implementations including Frame Relay), called WANPIPE. I believe most users of the hardware would use the vendor-provided WANPIPE driver instead. (The WANPIPE driver was even once in the kernel, but was deleted in commit 8db60bcf3021 ("[WAN]: Remove broken and unmaintained Sangoma drivers.") because the vendor no longer updated the in-kernel WANPIPE driver.) Cc: Mike McLagan <> Signed-off-by: Xie He <> Link: Signed-off-by: Jakub Kicinski <>
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D: RCU and variants
D: rcutorture module
-N: Mike McLagan
-D: DLCI/FRAD drivers for Sangoma SDLAs
-S: Innovative Logic Corp
-S: Post Office Box 1068
-S: Laurel, Maryland 20732
N: Bradley McLean
D: Device driver hacker