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Merge branch 'merge' of git://
Pull powerpc fixes from Ben Herrenschmidt: "The main thing that caused problem was that CONFIG_CPU_LITTLE_ENDIAN got turned on with allyesconfig and such, which is not a very good idea especially since it requires a newer toolchain than what most people have. So we turned it into a choice instead that defaults to big endian" * 'merge' of git:// powerpc/windfarm: Fix XServe G5 fan control Makefile issue arch/powerpc/kernel: Use %12.12s instead of %12s to avoid memory overflow powerpc/signals: Improved mark VSX not saved with small contexts fix powerpc/kdump: Adding symbols in vmcoreinfo to facilitate dump filtering powerpc: allyesconfig should not select CONFIG_CPU_LITTLE_ENDIAN powerpc: Fix error when cross building TAGS & cscope powerpc/booke: Only check for hugetlb in flush if vma != NULL powerpc/85xx: typo in dts: "interupt" (four devices) powerpc/8xx: mfspr SPRN_TBRx in lieu of mftb/mftbu is not supported powerpc/corenet64: compile with CONFIG_E{5,6}500_CPU well
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