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@@ -2162,7 +2162,7 @@ scheduling-clock interrupt be enabled when RCU needs it to be:
this sort of thing.
#. If a CPU is in a portion of the kernel that is absolutely positively
no-joking guaranteed to never execute any RCU read-side critical
- sections, and RCU believes this CPU to to be idle, no problem. This
+ sections, and RCU believes this CPU to be idle, no problem. This
sort of thing is used by some architectures for light-weight
exception handlers, which can then avoid the overhead of
``rcu_irq_enter()`` and ``rcu_irq_exit()`` at exception entry and
@@ -2431,7 +2431,7 @@ However, there are legitimate preemptible-RCU implementations that do
not have this property, given that any point in the code outside of an
RCU read-side critical section can be a quiescent state. Therefore,
*RCU-sched* was created, which follows “classic” RCU in that an
-RCU-sched grace period waits for for pre-existing interrupt and NMI
+RCU-sched grace period waits for pre-existing interrupt and NMI
handlers. In kernels built with ``CONFIG_PREEMPT=n``, the RCU and
RCU-sched APIs have identical implementations, while kernels built with
``CONFIG_PREEMPT=y`` provide a separate implementation for each.