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Merge branch 'akpm' (patches from Andrew)
Merge yet more updates from Andrew Morton: "This is everything else from -mm for this merge window. 90 patches. Subsystems affected by this patch series: mm (cleanups and slub), alpha, procfs, sysctl, misc, core-kernel, bitmap, lib, compat, checkpatch, epoll, isofs, nilfs2, hpfs, exit, fork, kexec, gcov, panic, delayacct, gdb, resource, selftests, async, initramfs, ipc, drivers/char, and spelling" * emailed patches from Andrew Morton <>: (90 commits) mm: fix typos in comments mm: fix typos in comments treewide: remove editor modelines and cruft ipc/sem.c: spelling fix fs: fat: fix spelling typo of values kernel/sys.c: fix typo kernel/up.c: fix typo kernel/user_namespace.c: fix typos kernel/umh.c: fix some spelling mistakes include/linux/pgtable.h: few spelling fixes mm/slab.c: fix spelling mistake "disired" -> "desired" scripts/spelling.txt: add "overflw" scripts/spelling.txt: Add "diabled" typo scripts/spelling.txt: add "overlfow" arm: print alloc free paths for address in registers mm/vmalloc: remove vwrite() mm: remove xlate_dev_kmem_ptr() drivers/char: remove /dev/kmem for good mm: fix some typos and code style problems ipc/sem.c: mundane typo fixes ...
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1 char Memory devices
1 = /dev/mem Physical memory access
- 2 = /dev/kmem Kernel virtual memory access
+ 2 = /dev/kmem OBSOLETE - replaced by /proc/kcore
3 = /dev/null Null device
4 = /dev/port I/O port access
5 = /dev/zero Null byte source
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initcall functions. Useful for debugging built-in
modules and initcalls.
+ initramfs_async= [KNL]
+ Format: <bool>
+ Default: 1
+ This parameter controls whether the initramfs
+ image is unpacked asynchronously, concurrently
+ with devices being probed and
+ initialized. This should normally just work,
+ but as a debugging aid, one can get the
+ historical behaviour of the initramfs
+ unpacking being completed before device_ and
+ late_ initcalls.
initrd= [BOOT] Specify the location of the initial ramdisk
initrdmem= [KNL] Specify a physical address and size from which to