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Pull ARM SoC device tree updates from Olof Johansson: "As always, a large number of DT updates. Too many to enumerate them all, but at a glance: New SoCs introduced in this release: - Amlogic: + Meson 8M2 SoC, a.k.a. S812. A quad Cortex-A9 SoC used in some set top boxes and other products. - Mediatek: + MT7623A, which is a flavor of the MT7623 family with other on-chip ethernet options. - Qualcomm: + SDM845, a.k.a Snapdragon 845, an 4+4-core Kryo 385/845 (Cortex-A75/A55 derivative) SoC that's one of the current high-end mobile SoCs. It's great to see mainline support for it. So far, you can't do much with it, since a lot of peripherals are not yet in the DTs but driver support for USB, GPU and other pieces are starting to trickle in. This might end up being a well-supported SoC upstream if the momentum keeps up. - Renesas: + R8A77990, a.k.a R-Car E3, a new automotive entertainment-targeted SoC. Currently only one Cortex-A53 CPU is enabled, we are eagerly awaiting more. So far, basic drivers such as serial, gpios, PMU and ethernet are enabled. + R8A77470, a.k.a. RZ/G1C, a new dual Cortex-A7 SoC with PowerVR GPU. Same here, basic set of drivers such as serial, gpios and ethernet enabled, and SMP support is also forthcoming. - STMicroelectronics: + STM32F469, very similar tih STM32F429 but with display support Enhancements to SoCs/platforms (DTS contents, some driver portions might not be in yet): - Allwinner sun8i (h3/a33/a83t) SMP, DVFS tweaks, misc - Amlogic Meson: I2C, UFS, TDM, GPIO external interrupts, MMC resets - Hisilicon hi3660: Thermal cooling, CPU frequency scaling, mailbox interfaces - Marvell Berlin2CD: SMP support, thermal sensors - Mediatek MT7623: Highspeed DMA, audio support - Qualcomm IPQ8074 PCIe support, MSM8996 UFS support - Renesas: Watchdog and PMU support across many platforms - Rockchip RK3399: USB3 OTG support - Samsung Exynos: Audio-over-HDMI on Odroid X/X2/U3 - STMicro STM32: Lots of peripherals added to STM32MP175C - Uniphier: Ethernet support New boards: - Allwinner A20: Olimex A20-SOM-EVB-eMMC variant - Allwinner H2+: Libre Computer ALL-H3-CC (h2+ version) - Allwinner A33: Nintendo NES/SuperNES Classic Edition - Aspeed: S2600WF, Inventec Lanyang BMC, Portwell Neptune - Berlin2CD: Valve Steam Link - Broadcom BCM5301X: Luxul XAP-1610 and XWR-3150 V1 - Broadcom: Raspberry Pi 3 B+ - Mediatek MT7623N and MT7623A: reference boards - Meson 8M2: Tronsmart MXIII Plus - NXP i.MX: Engicam i.CoreM6, DHCOM iMX6 SOM, BTicino i.MX6DL Mamoj - Qualcomm MSM8974: Sony Xperia Z1 Compact support - Qualcomm SDM845: MTP development board - Renesas: Ebisu R8A77990 board - Renesas RZ/G1C: iwg23s: iWave G235-SDB - TI am335x: Pocketbeagle support" * tag 'armsoc-dt' of git:// (448 commits) ARM: dts: aspeed: Fix hwrng register address arm64: dts: sprd: whale2: Add the rtc enable clock for watchdog arm64: dts: sprd: Add GPIO and GPIO keys device nodes arm64: dts: sprd: fix typo in 'remote-endpoint' arm64: dts: apq8096-db820c: Removed bt-en-1-8v regulator arm64: dts: fix regulator property name for wlan pcie endpoint arm64: dts: qcom: msm8996: Use UFS_GDSC for UFS ARM: dts: pxa3xx: fix MMC clocks ARM: pxa: dts: add pin definitions for extended GPIOs ARM: pxa: dts: add gpio-ranges to gpio controller ARM: dts: ipq8074: Enable few peripherals for hk01 board ARM: dts: ipq8074: Add pcie nodes ARM: dts: ipq8074: Add peripheral nodes ARM: dts: ipq4019: Add qcom-ipq4019-ap.dk07.1-c2 board file ARM: dts: ipq4019: Add qcom-ipq4019-ap.dk07.1-c1 board file ARM: dts: ipq4019: Add ipq4019-ap.dk07.1 common data ARM: dts: ipq4019: Add qcom-ipq4019-ap.dk04.1-c3 board file ARM: dts: ipq4019: Add ipq4019-ap.dk04.1-c1 board file ARM: dts: ipq4019: Add ipq4019-ap.dk04.dtsi ARM: dts: ipq4019: Change the max opp frequency ...
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v4.3+ Update is needed for custom .config files to make sure
CONFIG_REGULATOR_PBIAS is enabled for MMC1 to work
+v4.18+ Update is needed for custom .config files to make sure
+ CONFIG_MMC_SDHCI_OMAP is enabled for all MMC instances
+ to work in DRA7 and K2G based boards.