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@@ -557,7 +557,7 @@ phase. Currently, the capabilities are any of::
CDC_DRIVE_STATUS /* driver implements drive status */
The capability flag is declared *const*, to prevent drivers from
-accidentally tampering with the contents. The capability fags actually
+accidentally tampering with the contents. The capability flags actually
inform `cdrom.c` of what the driver can do. If the drive found
by the driver does not have the capability, is can be masked out by
the *cdrom_device_info* variable *mask*. For instance, the SCSI CD-ROM
@@ -736,7 +736,7 @@ Description of routines in `cdrom.c`
Only a few routines in `cdrom.c` are exported to the drivers. In this
new section we will discuss these, as well as the functions that `take
-over' the CD-ROM interface to the kernel. The header file belonging
+over` the CD-ROM interface to the kernel. The header file belonging
to `cdrom.c` is called `cdrom.h`. Formerly, some of the contents of this
file were placed in the file `ucdrom.h`, but this file has now been
merged back into `cdrom.h`.