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Merge branch 'linus' of git://
Pull crypto updates from Herbert Xu: "API: - Add support for allocating transforms on a specific NUMA Node - Introduce the flag CRYPTO_ALG_ALLOCATES_MEMORY for storage users Algorithms: - Drop PMULL based ghash on arm64 - Fixes for building with clang on x86 - Add sha256 helper that does the digest in one go - Add SP800-56A rev 3 validation checks to dh Drivers: - Permit users to specify NUMA node in hisilicon/zip - Add support for i.MX6 in imx-rngc - Add sa2ul crypto driver - Add BA431 hwrng driver - Add Ingenic JZ4780 and X1000 hwrng driver - Spread IRQ affinity in inside-secure and marvell/cesa" * 'linus' of git:// (157 commits) crypto: sa2ul - Fix inconsistent IS_ERR and PTR_ERR hwrng: core - remove redundant initialization of variable ret crypto: x86/curve25519 - Remove unused carry variables crypto: ingenic - Add hardware RNG for Ingenic JZ4780 and X1000 dt-bindings: RNG: Add Ingenic RNG bindings. crypto: caam/qi2 - add module alias crypto: caam - add more RNG hw error codes crypto: caam/jr - remove incorrect reference to caam_jr_register() crypto: caam - silence .setkey in case of bad key length crypto: caam/qi2 - create ahash shared descriptors only once crypto: caam/qi2 - fix error reporting for caam_hash_alloc crypto: caam - remove deadcode on 32-bit platforms crypto: ccp - use generic power management crypto: xts - Replace memcpy() invocation with simple assignment crypto: marvell/cesa - irq balance crypto: inside-secure - irq balance crypto: ecc - SP800-56A rev 3 local public key validation crypto: dh - SP800-56A rev 3 local public key validation crypto: dh - check validity of Z before export lib/mpi: Add mpi_sub_ui() ...
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@@ -27,22 +27,11 @@ padata_instance structure for overall control of how jobs are to be run::
#include <linux/padata.h>
- struct padata_instance *padata_alloc_possible(const char *name);
+ struct padata_instance *padata_alloc(const char *name);
'name' simply identifies the instance.
-There are functions for enabling and disabling the instance::
- int padata_start(struct padata_instance *pinst);
- void padata_stop(struct padata_instance *pinst);
-These functions are setting or clearing the "PADATA_INIT" flag; if that flag is
-not set, other functions will refuse to work. padata_start() returns zero on
-success (flag set) or -EINVAL if the padata cpumask contains no active CPU
-(flag not set). padata_stop() clears the flag and blocks until the padata
-instance is unused.
-Finally, complete padata initialization by allocating a padata_shell::
+Then, complete padata initialization by allocating a padata_shell::
struct padata_shell *padata_alloc_shell(struct padata_instance *pinst);
@@ -155,11 +144,10 @@ submitted.
-Cleaning up a padata instance predictably involves calling the three free
+Cleaning up a padata instance predictably involves calling the two free
functions that correspond to the allocation in reverse::
void padata_free_shell(struct padata_shell *ps);
- void padata_stop(struct padata_instance *pinst);
void padata_free(struct padata_instance *pinst);
It is the user's responsibility to ensure all outstanding jobs are complete