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cpufreq: Introduce macros for cpufreq_frequency_table iteration
Many cpufreq drivers need to iterate over the cpufreq_frequency_table for various tasks. This patch introduces two macros which can be used for iteration over cpufreq_frequency_table keeping a common coding style across drivers: - cpufreq_for_each_entry: iterate over each entry of the table - cpufreq_for_each_valid_entry: iterate over each entry that contains a valid frequency. It should have no functional changes. Signed-off-by: Stratos Karafotis <> Acked-by: Lad, Prabhakar <> Acked-by: Viresh Kumar <> Signed-off-by: Rafael J. Wysocki <>
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@@ -228,3 +228,22 @@ is the corresponding frequency table helper for the ->target
stage. Just pass the values to this function, and the unsigned int
index returns the number of the frequency table entry which contains
the frequency the CPU shall be set to.
+The following macros can be used as iterators over cpufreq_frequency_table:
+cpufreq_for_each_entry(pos, table) - iterates over all entries of frequency
+cpufreq-for_each_valid_entry(pos, table) - iterates over all entries,
+excluding CPUFREQ_ENTRY_INVALID frequencies.
+Use arguments "pos" - a cpufreq_frequency_table * as a loop cursor and
+"table" - the cpufreq_frequency_table * you want to iterate over.
+For example:
+ struct cpufreq_frequency_table *pos, *driver_freq_table;
+ cpufreq_for_each_entry(pos, driver_freq_table) {
+ /* Do something with pos */
+ pos->frequency = ...
+ }