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fbcon: add fbcon=margin:<color> command line option
This adds a new command line option to select the fbcon margin color. The motivation for this is screens where black does not blend into the physical surroundings of the screen. For example, using an LCD (not the backlit kind), white text on a black background is hard to read, so inverting the colors is preferred. However, when you do this, most of the screen is filled with white but the margins are still filled with black. This makes a big, black, backwards 'L' on the screen. By setting fbcon=margin:7, the margins will be filled with white and the LCD looks as expected. Signed-off-by: David Lechner <> [b.zolnierkie: ported over fbcon changes] Signed-off-by: Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz <>
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Actually, the underlying fb driver is totally ignorant of console
+5. fbcon=margin:<color>
+ This option specifies the color of the margins. The margins are the
+ leftover area at the right and the bottom of the screen that are not
+ used by text. By default, this area will be black. The 'color' value
+ is 0 to 7 where 0 is black and 7 is white.
C. Attaching, Detaching and Unloading
Before going on how to attach, detach and unload the framebuffer console, an