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@@ -150,7 +150,7 @@ C. Boot options
C. Attaching, Detaching and Unloading
-Before going on on how to attach, detach and unload the framebuffer console, an
+Before going on how to attach, detach and unload the framebuffer console, an
illustration of the dependencies may help.
The console layer, as with most subsystems, needs a driver that interfaces with
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Start viafb with default settings:
#modprobe viafb
- Start viafb with with user options:
+ Start viafb with user options:
#modprobe viafb viafb_mode=800x600 viafb_bpp=16 viafb_refresh=60
viafb_active_dev=CRT+DVI viafb_dvi_port=DVP1
viafb_mode1=1024x768 viafb_bpp=16 viafb_refresh1=60