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vfs: don't unnecessarily clone write access for writable fds
There's no need for mnt_want_write_file() to increment mnt_writers when the file is already open for writing, provided that mnt_drop_write_file() is changed to conditionally decrement it. We seem to have ended up in the current situation because mnt_want_write_file() used to be paired with mnt_drop_write(), due to mnt_drop_write_file() not having been added yet. So originally mnt_want_write_file() had to always increment mnt_writers. But later mnt_drop_write_file() was added, and all callers of mnt_want_write_file() were paired with it. This makes the compatibility between mnt_want_write_file() and mnt_drop_write() no longer necessary. Therefore, make __mnt_want_write_file() and __mnt_drop_write_file() skip incrementing mnt_writers on files already open for writing. This removes the only caller of mnt_clone_write(), so remove that too. Signed-off-by: Eric Biggers <> Signed-off-by: Al Viro <>
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@@ -865,3 +865,10 @@ no matter what. Everything is handled by the caller.
clone_private_mount() returns a longterm mount now, so the proper destructor of
its result is kern_unmount() or kern_unmount_array().
+mnt_want_write_file() can now only be paired with mnt_drop_write_file(),
+whereas previously it could be paired with mnt_drop_write() as well.