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Pull fsverity updates from Eric Biggers: "Add an ioctl which allows reading fs-verity metadata from a file. This is useful when a file with fs-verity enabled needs to be served somewhere, and the other end wants to do its own fs-verity compatible verification of the file. See the commit messages for details. This new ioctl has been tested using new xfstests I've written for it" * tag 'fsverity-for-linus' of git:// fs-verity: support reading signature with ioctl fs-verity: support reading descriptor with ioctl fs-verity: support reading Merkle tree with ioctl fs-verity: add FS_IOC_READ_VERITY_METADATA ioctl fs-verity: don't pass whole descriptor to fsverity_verify_signature() fs-verity: factor out fsverity_get_descriptor()
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@@ -217,6 +217,82 @@ FS_IOC_MEASURE_VERITY can fail with the following errors:
- ``EOVERFLOW``: the digest is longer than the specified
``digest_size`` bytes. Try providing a larger buffer.
+The FS_IOC_READ_VERITY_METADATA ioctl reads verity metadata from a
+verity file. This ioctl is available since Linux v5.12.
+This ioctl allows writing a server program that takes a verity file
+and serves it to a client program, such that the client can do its own
+fs-verity compatible verification of the file. This only makes sense
+if the client doesn't trust the server and if the server needs to
+provide the storage for the client.
+This is a fairly specialized use case, and most fs-verity users won't
+need this ioctl.
+This ioctl takes in a pointer to the following structure::
+ struct fsverity_read_metadata_arg {
+ __u64 metadata_type;
+ __u64 offset;
+ __u64 length;
+ __u64 buf_ptr;
+ __u64 __reserved;
+ };
+``metadata_type`` specifies the type of metadata to read:
+- ``FS_VERITY_METADATA_TYPE_MERKLE_TREE`` reads the blocks of the
+ Merkle tree. The blocks are returned in order from the root level
+ to the leaf level. Within each level, the blocks are returned in
+ the same order that their hashes are themselves hashed.
+ See `Merkle tree`_ for more information.
+- ``FS_VERITY_METADATA_TYPE_DESCRIPTOR`` reads the fs-verity
+ descriptor. See `fs-verity descriptor`_.
+- ``FS_VERITY_METADATA_TYPE_SIGNATURE`` reads the signature which was
+ passed to FS_IOC_ENABLE_VERITY, if any. See `Built-in signature
+ verification`_.
+The semantics are similar to those of ``pread()``. ``offset``
+specifies the offset in bytes into the metadata item to read from, and
+``length`` specifies the maximum number of bytes to read from the
+metadata item. ``buf_ptr`` is the pointer to the buffer to read into,
+cast to a 64-bit integer. ``__reserved`` must be 0. On success, the
+number of bytes read is returned. 0 is returned at the end of the
+metadata item. The returned length may be less than ``length``, for
+example if the ioctl is interrupted.
+The metadata returned by FS_IOC_READ_VERITY_METADATA isn't guaranteed
+to be authenticated against the file digest that would be returned by
+`FS_IOC_MEASURE_VERITY`_, as the metadata is expected to be used to
+implement fs-verity compatible verification anyway (though absent a
+malicious disk, the metadata will indeed match). E.g. to implement
+this ioctl, the filesystem is allowed to just read the Merkle tree
+blocks from disk without actually verifying the path to the root node.
+FS_IOC_READ_VERITY_METADATA can fail with the following errors:
+- ``EFAULT``: the caller provided inaccessible memory
+- ``EINTR``: the ioctl was interrupted before any data was read
+- ``EINVAL``: reserved fields were set, or ``offset + length``
+ overflowed
+- ``ENODATA``: the file is not a verity file, or
+ FS_VERITY_METADATA_TYPE_SIGNATURE was requested but the file doesn't
+ have a built-in signature
+- ``ENOTTY``: this type of filesystem does not implement fs-verity, or
+ this ioctl is not yet implemented on it
+- ``EOPNOTSUPP``: the kernel was not configured with fs-verity
+ support, or the filesystem superblock has not had the 'verity'
+ feature enabled on it. (See `Filesystem support`_.)