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+The AML Debugger
+:Copyright: |copy| 2016, Intel Corporation
+:Author: Lv Zheng <>
+This document describes the usage of the AML debugger embedded in the Linux
+1. Build the debugger
+The following kernel configuration items are required to enable the AML
+debugger interface from the Linux kernel::
+The userspace utilities can be built from the kernel source tree using
+the following commands::
+ $ cd tools
+ $ make acpi
+The resultant userspace tool binary is then located at::
+ tools/power/acpi/acpidbg
+It can be installed to system directories by running "make install" (as a
+sufficiently privileged user).
+2. Start the userspace debugger interface
+After booting the kernel with the debugger built-in, the debugger can be
+started by using the following commands::
+ # mount -t debugfs none /sys/kernel/debug
+ # modprobe acpi_dbg
+ # tools/power/acpi/acpidbg
+That spawns the interactive AML debugger environment where you can execute
+debugger commands.
+The commands are documented in the "ACPICA Overview and Programmer Reference"
+that can be downloaded from
+The detailed debugger commands reference is located in Chapter 12 "ACPICA
+Debugger Reference". The "help" command can be used for a quick reference.
+3. Stop the userspace debugger interface
+The interactive debugger interface can be closed by pressing Ctrl+C or using
+the "quit" or "exit" commands. When finished, unload the module with::
+ # rmmod acpi_dbg
+The module unloading may fail if there is an acpidbg instance running.
+4. Run the debugger in a script
+It may be useful to run the AML debugger in a test script. "acpidbg" supports
+this in a special "batch" mode. For example, the following command outputs
+the entire ACPI namespace::
+ # acpidbg -b "namespace"
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