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ide: remove CONFIG_BLK_DEV_HD_IDE config option (take 2)
* Remove CONFIG_BLK_DEV_HD hack from init_hwif_default() ("hda=noprobe hdb=noprobe" kernel parameters should be used instead if somebody wishes to use the old "hd" driver). * Make CONFIG_BLK_DEV_HD_ONLY config option available also when IDE subsystem is used and update help entry. * Remove no longer needed CONFIG_BLK_DEV_HD_IDE config option. v2: * Update documentation to suggest "hda=noprobe hdb=noprobe" instead of obsoleted "ide0=noprobe". * Update Documentation/ide/ide.txt. Signed-off-by: Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz <>
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@@ -184,13 +184,6 @@ provided it is mounted with the default block size of 1024 (as above).
Please pass on any feedback on any of this stuff to the maintainer,
whose address can be found in linux/MAINTAINERS.
-Note that if BOTH hd.c and ide.c are configured into the kernel,
-hd.c will normally be allowed to control the primary IDE interface.
-This is useful for older hardware that may be incompatible with ide.c,
-and still allows newer hardware to run on the 2nd/3rd/4th IDE ports
-under control of ide.c. To have ide.c also "take over" the primary
-IDE port in this situation, use the "command line" parameter: ide0=0x1f0
The IDE driver is modularized. The high level disk/CD-ROM/tape/floppy
drivers can always be compiled as loadable modules, the chipset drivers
can only be compiled into the kernel, and the core code (ide.c) can be