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ide: add ide-4drives host driver (take 3)
CONFIG_BLK_DEV_4DRIVES deserves its own host driver: * Add drivers/ide/legacy/ide-4drives.c and move "4drives" support there. * Add ide-4drives.o in the link order after all other legacy host drivers enabled by "ide0=" options (they all are mutually exclusive). * Make ide-4drives host driver probe itself for IDE devices instead of indirectly depending on ide_generic host driver. * Add "probe" module parameter to ide-4drives and update documentation. v2: * s/paramater/parameter/ in ide.txt. (Noticed by Randy Dunlap) v3: * s/ide_4drives.probe/ide-4drives.probe/ in help entry. (Noticed by Sergei Shtylyov) Signed-off-by: Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz <>
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@@ -222,8 +222,6 @@ Summary of ide driver parameters for kernel command line
both the respective primary and secondary channel
to take effect.
- "idex=four" : four drives on idex and ide(x^1) share same ports
"idex=reset" : reset interface after probe
"idex=ata66" : informs the interface that it has an 80c cable
@@ -250,6 +248,9 @@ Also for legacy CMD640 host driver (cmd640) you need to use "probe_vlb"
kernel paremeter to enable probing for VLB version of the chipset (PCI ones
are detected automatically).
+You also need to use "probe" kernel parameter for ide-4drives driver
+(support for IDE generic chipset with four drives on one port).
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