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@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ Structure T30_s description:
If the HL-driver receives ISDN_CMD_FAXCMD, all needed information
is in this struct set by the LL.
To signal information to the LL, the HL-driver has to set the
- the parameters and use ISDN_STAT_FAXIND.
+ parameters and use ISDN_STAT_FAXIND.
(Please refer to INTERFACE)
Structure T30_s:
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$Id: README.hysdn,v 2001/02/10 14:41:19 kai Exp $
The hysdn driver has been written by
-by Werner Cornelius ( or
+Werner Cornelius ( or
for Hypercope GmbH Aachen Germany. Hypercope agreed to publish this driver
under the GNU General Public License.