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@@ -14,25 +14,14 @@ README
- general info on what you need and what to do for Linux ISDN.
- general info for FAQ.
- - info for running audio over ISDN.
- - info for using Fax over ISDN.
- - info on the drivers for Siemens Gigaset ISDN adapters.
- - info on the ICN-ISDN-card and its driver.
->>>>>>> 93af7aca44f0e82e67bda10a0fb73d383edcc8bd:Documentation/isdn/00-INDEX
- info on the HiSax driver which replaces the old teles.
+ - info on driver for IBM ACT-2000 card.
- info for running audio over ISDN.
- info on driver for AVM-B1 ISDN card.
- - info on driver for IBM ACT-2000 card.
- - info on driver for Eicon active cards.
- info on "CONCAP" encapsulation protocol interface used for X.25.
@@ -59,7 +48,3 @@ README.x25
- info for running X.25 over ISDN.
- frequently asked questions about running PPP over ISDN.
- - info on driver for Hypercope active HYSDN cards
- - info on the Modular ISDN subsystem (mISDN).