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gigaset: remove UNDOCREQ config option
Drop the kernel config option GIGASET_UNDOCREQ, permanently activating the code it controlled, as there have been no reports of problems caused by its activation but many problems caused by it being disabled. Also fix a few bad comments while we're at it. Impact: cleanup Signed-off-by: Tilman Schmidt <> Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <>
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@@ -149,10 +149,8 @@ GigaSet 307x Device Driver
configuration files and chat scripts in the gigaset-VERSION/ppp directory
in the driver packages from
Please note that the USB drivers are not able to change the state of the
- control lines (the M105 driver can be configured to use some undocumented
- control requests, if you really need the control lines, though). This means
- you must use "Stupid Mode" if you are using wvdial or you should use the
- nocrtscts option of pppd.
+ control lines. This means you must use "Stupid Mode" if you are using
+ wvdial or you should use the nocrtscts option of pppd.
You must also assure that the ppp_async module is loaded with the parameter
flag_time=0. You can do this e.g. by adding a line like
@@ -190,20 +188,7 @@ GigaSet 307x Device Driver
You can also use /sys/class/tty/ttyGxy/cidmode for changing the CID mode
setting (ttyGxy is ttyGU0 or ttyGB0).
-2.6. M105 Undocumented USB Requests
- ------------------------------
- The Gigaset M105 USB data box understands a couple of useful, but
- undocumented USB commands. These requests are not used in normal
- operation (for wireless access to the base), but are needed for access
- to the M105's own configuration mode (registration to the base, baudrate
- and line format settings, device status queries) via the gigacontr
- utility. Their use is controlled by the kernel configuration option
- "Support for undocumented USB requests" (CONFIG_GIGASET_UNDOCREQ). If you
- encounter error code -ENOTTY when trying to use some features of the
- M105, try setting that option to "y" via 'make {x,menu}config' and
- recompiling the driver.
-2.7. Unregistered Wireless Devices (M101/M105)
+2.6. Unregistered Wireless Devices (M101/M105)
The main purpose of the ser_gigaset and usb_gigaset drivers is to allow
the M101 and M105 wireless devices to be used as ISDN devices for ISDN
@@ -215,8 +200,7 @@ GigaSet 307x Device Driver
driver. In that situation, a restricted set of functions is available
which includes, in particular, those necessary for registering the device
to a base or for switching it between Fixed Part and Portable Part
- modes. For the M105, these commands require the "Support for undocumented
- USB requests" configuration option (see section 2.6.) to be enabled.
+ modes.
3. Troubleshooting
@@ -247,19 +231,12 @@ GigaSet 307x Device Driver
Select Unimodem mode for all DECT data adapters. (see section 2.4.)
- You want to configure your USB DECT data adapter (M105) but gigacontr
- reports an error: "/dev/ttyGU0: Inappropriate ioctl for device".
- Solution:
- Recompile the usb_gigaset driver with the kernel configuration option
- CONFIG_GIGASET_UNDOCREQ set to 'y'. (see section 2.6.)
- Problem:
Messages like this:
usb_gigaset 3-2:1.0: Could not initialize the device.
appear in your syslog.
Check whether your M10x wireless device is correctly registered to the
- Gigaset base. (see section 2.7.)
+ Gigaset base. (see section 2.6.)
3.2. Telling the driver to provide more information