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Merge tag 'asm-generic-5.3' of git://
Pull asm-generic updates from Arnd Bergmann: "The asm-generic changes for 5.3 consist of a cleanup series to remove ptrace.h from Christoph Hellwig, who explains: 'asm-generic/ptrace.h is a little weird in that it doesn't actually implement any functionality, but it provided multiple layers of macros that just implement trivial inline functions. We implement those directly in the few architectures and be off with a much simpler design.' at" * tag 'asm-generic-5.3' of git:// asm-generic: remove ptrace.h x86: don't use asm-generic/ptrace.h sh: don't use asm-generic/ptrace.h powerpc: don't use asm-generic/ptrace.h arm64: don't use asm-generic/ptrace.h
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