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kbuild: support LLVM=1 to switch the default tools to Clang/LLVM
As Documentation/kbuild/llvm.rst implies, building the kernel with a full set of LLVM tools gets very verbose and unwieldy. Provide a single switch LLVM=1 to use Clang and LLVM tools instead of GCC and Binutils. You can pass it from the command line or as an environment variable. Please note LLVM=1 does not turn on the integrated assembler. You need to pass LLVM_IAS=1 to use it. When the upstream kernel is ready for the integrated assembler, I think we can make it default. We discussed what we need, and we agreed to go with a simple boolean flag that switches both target and host tools: Some items discussed, but not adopted: - LLVM_DIR When multiple versions of LLVM are installed, I just thought supporting LLVM_DIR=/path/to/my/llvm/bin/ might be useful. CC = $(LLVM_DIR)clang LD = $(LLVM_DIR)ld.lld ... However, we can handle this by modifying PATH. So, we decided to not do this. - LLVM_SUFFIX Some distributions (e.g. Debian) package specific versions of LLVM with naming conventions that use the version as a suffix. CC = clang$(LLVM_SUFFIX) LD = ld.lld(LLVM_SUFFIX) ... will allow a user to pass LLVM_SUFFIX=-11 to use clang-11 etc., but the suffixed versions in /usr/bin/ are symlinks to binaries in /usr/lib/llvm-#/bin/, so this can also be handled by PATH. Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <> Reviewed-by: Nathan Chancellor <> Tested-by: Nathan Chancellor <> # build Tested-by: Nick Desaulniers <> Reviewed-by: Nick Desaulniers <>
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These two variables allow to override the user@host string displayed during
boot and in /proc/version. The default value is the output of the commands
whoami and host, respectively.
+If this variable is set to 1, Kbuild will use Clang and LLVM utilities instead
+of GCC and GNU binutils to build the kernel.
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@@ -47,8 +47,12 @@ example:
LLVM Utilities
-LLVM has substitutes for GNU binutils utilities. These can be invoked as
-additional parameters to `make`.
+LLVM has substitutes for GNU binutils utilities. Kbuild supports `LLVM=1`
+to enable them.
+ make LLVM=1
+They can be enabled individually. The full list of the parameters:
make CC=clang LD=ld.lld AR=llvm-ar NM=llvm-nm STRIP=llvm-strip \\
OBJCOPY=llvm-objcopy OBJDUMP=llvm-objdump OBJSIZE=llvm-size \\