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kbuild: remove unused OBJSIZE
The "size" tool has been solely used by s390 to enforce .bss section usage restrictions in early startup code. Since commit 980d5f9ab36b ("s390/boot: enable .bss section for compressed kernel") and commit 2e83e0eb85ca ("s390: clean .bss before running uncompressed kernel") these restrictions have been lifted for the decompressor and uncompressed kernel and the size tool is now unused. Signed-off-by: Vasily Gorbik <> Reviewed-by: Nathan Chancellor <> Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <>
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@@ -57,9 +57,8 @@ to enable them. ::
They can be enabled individually. The full list of the parameters: ::
make CC=clang LD=ld.lld AR=llvm-ar NM=llvm-nm STRIP=llvm-strip \
- OBJCOPY=llvm-objcopy OBJDUMP=llvm-objdump OBJSIZE=llvm-size \
- READELF=llvm-readelf HOSTCC=clang HOSTCXX=clang++ HOSTAR=llvm-ar \
- HOSTLD=ld.lld
+ OBJCOPY=llvm-objcopy OBJDUMP=llvm-objdump READELF=llvm-readelf \
+ HOSTCC=clang HOSTCXX=clang++ HOSTAR=llvm-ar HOSTLD=ld.lld
Currently, the integrated assembler is disabled by default. You can pass
``LLVM_IAS=1`` to enable it.