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net: mtk_eth_soc: use resolved link config for PCS PHY
The SGMII PCS PHY needs to be updated with the link configuration in the mac_link_up() call rather than in mac_config(). However, mtk_sgmii_setup_mode_force() programs the SGMII block during mac_config() when using 802.3z interface modes with the link configuration. Split that functionality from mtk_sgmii_setup_mode_force(), moving it to a new mtk_sgmii_link_up() function, and call it from mac_link_up(). This does not look correct to me: 802.3z modes operate at a fixed speed. The contents of mtk_sgmii_link_up() look more appropriate for SGMII mode, but the original code definitely did not call mtk_sgmii_setup_mode_force() for SGMII mode but only 802.3z mode. Signed-off-by: Russell King <>
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