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Make the lack of expectations for switching NICs explicit, describe the new stats. Signed-off-by: Jakub Kicinski <> Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <>
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Protocol-specific statistics
-Some of the interfaces used for configuring devices are also able
-to report related statistics. For example ethtool interface used
+Protocol-specific statistics are exposed via relevant interfaces,
+the same interfaces as are used to configure them.
+Ethtool exposes common low-level statistics.
+All the standard statistics are expected to be maintained
+by the device, not the driver (as opposed to driver-defined stats
+described in the next section which mix software and hardware stats).
+For devices which contain unmanaged
+switches (e.g. legacy SR-IOV or multi-host NICs) the events counted
+may not pertain exclusively to the packets destined to
+the local host interface. In other words the events may
+be counted at the network port (MAC/PHY blocks) without separation
+for different host side (PCIe) devices. Such ambiguity must not
+be present when internal switch is managed by Linux (so called
+switchdev mode for NICs).
+Standard ethtool statistics can be accessed via the interfaces used
+for configuration. For example ethtool interface used
to configure pause frames can report corresponding hardware counters::
$ ethtool --include-statistics -a eth0
@@ -57,6 +76,27 @@ to configure pause frames can report corresponding hardware counters::
tx_pause_frames: 1
rx_pause_frames: 1
+General Ethernet statistics not associated with any particular
+functionality are exposed via ``ethtool -S $ifc`` by specifying
+the ``--groups`` parameter::
+ $ ethtool -S eth0 --groups eth-phy eth-mac eth-ctrl rmon
+ Stats for eth0:
+ eth-phy-SymbolErrorDuringCarrier: 0
+ eth-mac-FramesTransmittedOK: 1
+ eth-mac-FrameTooLongErrors: 1
+ eth-ctrl-MACControlFramesTransmitted: 1
+ eth-ctrl-MACControlFramesReceived: 0
+ eth-ctrl-UnsupportedOpcodesReceived: 1
+ rmon-etherStatsUndersizePkts: 1
+ rmon-etherStatsJabbers: 0
+ rmon-rx-etherStatsPkts64Octets: 1
+ rmon-rx-etherStatsPkts65to127Octets: 0
+ rmon-rx-etherStatsPkts128to255Octets: 0
+ rmon-tx-etherStatsPkts64Octets: 2
+ rmon-tx-etherStatsPkts65to127Octets: 3
+ rmon-tx-etherStatsPkts128to255Octets: 0
Driver-defined statistics