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@@ -669,7 +669,7 @@ Deadline Task Scheduling
-deadline tasks cannot have an affinity mask smaller that the entire
root_domain they are created on. However, affinities can be specified
- through the cpuset facility (Documentation/cgroup-v1/cpusets.rst).
+ through the cpuset facility (Documentation/admin-guide/cgroup-v1/cpusets.rst).
5.1 SCHED_DEADLINE and cpusets HOWTO
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@@ -222,7 +222,7 @@ SCHED_BATCH) tasks.
These options need CONFIG_CGROUPS to be defined, and let the administrator
create arbitrary groups of tasks, using the "cgroup" pseudo filesystem. See
- Documentation/cgroup-v1/cgroups.rst for more information about this filesystem.
+ Documentation/admin-guide/cgroup-v1/cgroups.rst for more information about this filesystem.
When CONFIG_FAIR_GROUP_SCHED is defined, a "cpu.shares" file is created for each
group created using the pseudo filesystem. See example steps below to create
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@@ -133,7 +133,7 @@ This uses the cgroup virtual file system and "<cgroup>/cpu.rt_runtime_us"
to control the CPU time reserved for each control group.
For more information on working with control groups, you should read
-Documentation/cgroup-v1/cgroups.rst as well.
+Documentation/admin-guide/cgroup-v1/cgroups.rst as well.
Group settings are checked against the following limits in order to keep the
configuration schedulable: