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Pull Documentation updates from Jonathan Corbet: "It's been a relatively busy cycle for docs: - A fair pile of RST conversions, many from Mauro. These create more than the usual number of simple but annoying merge conflicts with other trees, unfortunately. He has a lot more of these waiting on the wings that, I think, will go to you directly later on. - A new document on how to use merges and rebases in kernel repos, and one on Spectre vulnerabilities. - Various improvements to the build system, including automatic markup of function() references because some people, for reasons I will never understand, were of the opinion that :c:func:``function()`` is unattractive and not fun to type. - We now recommend using sphinx 1.7, but still support back to 1.4. - Lots of smaller improvements, warning fixes, typo fixes, etc" * tag 'docs-5.3' of git:// (129 commits) docs: ignore exceptions when seeking for xrefs docs: Move binderfs to admin-guide Disable Sphinx SmartyPants in HTML output doc: RCU callback locks need only _bh, not necessarily _irq docs: format kernel-parameters -- as code Doc : doc-guide : Fix a typo platform: x86: get rid of a non-existent document Add the RCU docs to the core-api manual Documentation: RCU: Add TOC tree hooks Documentation: RCU: Rename txt files to rst Documentation: RCU: Convert RCU UP systems to reST Documentation: RCU: Convert RCU linked list to reST Documentation: RCU: Convert RCU basic concepts to reST docs: filesystems: Remove uneeded .rst extension on toctables scripts/sphinx-pre-install: fix out-of-tree build docs: zh_CN: submitting-drivers.rst: Remove a duplicated Documentation/ Documentation: PGP: update for newer HW devices Documentation: Add section about CPU vulnerabilities for Spectre Documentation: platform: Delete x86-laptop-drivers.txt docs: Note that :c:func: should no longer be used ...
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@@ -1687,10 +1687,12 @@ The structure has a number of fields, some of which are mandatory:
attempted key link operation. If there is no match, -EINVAL is returned.
- * ``int (*asym_eds_op)(struct kernel_pkey_params *params,
- const void *in, void *out);``
- ``int (*asym_verify_signature)(struct kernel_pkey_params *params,
- const void *in, const void *in2);``
+ * ``asym_eds_op`` and ``asym_verify_signature``::
+ int (*asym_eds_op)(struct kernel_pkey_params *params,
+ const void *in, void *out);
+ int (*asym_verify_signature)(struct kernel_pkey_params *params,
+ const void *in, const void *in2);
These methods are optional. If provided the first allows a key to be
used to encrypt, decrypt or sign a blob of data, and the second allows a
@@ -1755,8 +1757,10 @@ The structure has a number of fields, some of which are mandatory:
required crypto isn't available.
- * ``int (*asym_query)(const struct kernel_pkey_params *params,
- struct kernel_pkey_query *info);``
+ * ``asym_query``::
+ int (*asym_query)(const struct kernel_pkey_params *params,
+ struct kernel_pkey_query *info);
This method is optional. If provided it allows information about the
public or asymmetric key held in the key to be determined.
diff --git a/Documentation/security/keys/trusted-encrypted.rst b/Documentation/security/keys/trusted-encrypted.rst
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--- a/Documentation/security/keys/trusted-encrypted.rst
+++ b/Documentation/security/keys/trusted-encrypted.rst
@@ -107,12 +107,14 @@ Where::
Examples of trusted and encrypted key usage:
-Create and save a trusted key named "kmk" of length 32 bytes::
+Create and save a trusted key named "kmk" of length 32 bytes.
Note: When using a TPM 2.0 with a persistent key with handle 0x81000001,
append 'keyhandle=0x81000001' to statements between quotes, such as
"new 32 keyhandle=0x81000001".
$ keyctl add trusted kmk "new 32" @u