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Pull x86 cache resource control updates from Borislav Petkov: - Misc cleanups to the resctrl code in preparation for the ARM side (James Morse) - Add support for controlling per-thread memory bandwidth throttling delay values on hw which supports it (Fenghua Yu) * tag 'x86_cache_for_v5.10' of git:// x86/resctrl: Enable user to view thread or core throttling mode x86/resctrl: Enumerate per-thread MBA controls cacheinfo: Move resctrl's get_cache_id() to the cacheinfo header file x86/resctrl: Add struct rdt_cache::arch_has_{sparse, empty}_bitmaps x86/resctrl: Merge AMD/Intel parse_bw() calls x86/resctrl: Add struct rdt_membw::arch_needs_linear to explain AMD/Intel MBA difference x86/resctrl: Use is_closid_match() in more places x86/resctrl: Include pid.h x86/resctrl: Use container_of() in delayed_work handlers x86/resctrl: Fix stale comment x86/resctrl: Remove struct rdt_membw::max_delay x86/resctrl: Remove unused struct mbm_state::chunks_bw
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@@ -138,6 +138,18 @@ with respect to allocation:
non-linear. This field is purely informational
+ Indicator on Intel systems of how tasks running on threads
+ of a physical core are throttled in cases where they
+ request different memory bandwidth percentages:
+ "max":
+ the smallest percentage is applied
+ to all threads
+ "per-thread":
+ bandwidth percentages are directly applied to
+ the threads running on the core
If RDT monitoring is available there will be an "L3_MON" directory
with the following files:
@@ -364,8 +376,10 @@ to the next control step available on the hardware.
The bandwidth throttling is a core specific mechanism on some of Intel
SKUs. Using a high bandwidth and a low bandwidth setting on two threads
-sharing a core will result in both threads being throttled to use the
-low bandwidth. The fact that Memory bandwidth allocation(MBA) is a core
+sharing a core may result in both threads being throttled to use the
+low bandwidth (see "thread_throttle_mode").
+The fact that Memory bandwidth allocation(MBA) may be a core
specific mechanism where as memory bandwidth monitoring(MBM) is done at
the package level may lead to confusion when users try to apply control
via the MBA and then monitor the bandwidth to see if the controls are