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Merge tag 'libata-5.16-rc1-p2' of git://
Pull more libata updates from Damien Le Moal: "Second round of updates for libata for 5.16: - Fix READ LOG EXT and READ LOG DMA EXT command timeouts during disk revalidation after a resume or a modprobe of the LLDD (me) - Remove unnecessary error message in sata_highbank driver (Xu) - Better handling of accesses to the IDENTIFY DEVICE data log for drives that do not support this log page (me) - Fix ahci_shost_attr_group declaration in ahci driver (me)" * tag 'libata-5.16-rc1-p2' of git:// libata: libahci: declare ahci_shost_attr_group as static libata: add horkage for missing Identify Device log ata: sata_highbank: Remove unnecessary print function dev_err() libata: fix read log timeout value
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