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Merge tag 'mfd-next-5.14' of git://
Pull mfd updates from Lee Jones: "Core Frameworks: - Fix Software Node clean-up code New Drivers: - Add support for MediaTek MT6359 PMIC - Add support for Qualcomm PM8008 PMIC - Add support for Richtek RT4831 New Device Support: - Add support for Audio CODECs to Rockchip RK817 - Add support for Alder Lake-M to Intel LPSS PCI - Add support for Periph Device Charge to ChromeOS EC New Functionality: - Provide additional IRQs for wcd934x - Add optional Reset functionality to lp87565 Fix-ups: - Namespacing & visibility fixes to lp87565 - Differentiate between Power and Home key IRQs in mt6358 - Export I2C device tables in da9052-i2c, stmpe-i2c - Adapt IRQ flags in max8907, rn5t61, max8907 - Make some functions/devices optional in axp20x, cros_ec_dev - Explicitly include used header files in ioc3 - Remove superfluous lines in MAINTAINERS, sec-core, st,stm32-timers - Resolve Kerneldoc issues in omap-usb-host, omap-usb-tll, si476x-cmd, si476x-i2c - Convert arizona-core to a module - Copyright changes in hi655x-pmic - Drop support for board file initialisation in sec-core - Trivial spelling, whitespace etc updates in lp87565, si476x-cmd, mt6360-core, wm831x-core, twl-core, db8500-prcmu - Simplify various implementations of wcd934x, mt6360-core, max8997, max8998, da9052-i2c, da9062-core, sec-core, - Device Tree binding changes in google,cros-ec, richtek,rt4831-backlight, db8500-prcmu, qcom,pm8008, qcom,spmi-pmic - Use provided APIs to simplify t7l66xb, as3722, da9055-core, tps80031, 88pm800, 88pm805, asic3, sun6i-prcm, wm831x-core, wm831x-otp, ucb1x00-assabet, timberdale, sm501, pcf50633-core, kempld-core, janz-cmodio, intel_soc_pmic_bxtwc, ab8500-core Bug Fixes: - Fix unused variable warning in rk817_codec - Fix regulator voltage configuration in rohm-bd71828 - Fix ongoing freeing of regmap_config 'name' issue in syscon - Fix error handling path in da9063-i2c - Fix Kconfig issues in MFD_MP2629 - Fix DMA mask warnings in motorola-cpcap" * tag 'mfd-next-5.14' of git:// (83 commits) mfd: cros_ec: Add peripheral device charger mfd: max8907: Remove IRQF_NO_AUTOEN flag mfd: ab8500-core: Use DEVICE_ATTR_RO/RW macro mfd: intel_soc_pmic_bxtwc: Use DEVICE_ATTR_ADMIN_RW macro mfd: janz-cmodio: Use DEVICE_ATTR_RO macro mfd: kempld-core: Use DEVICE_ATTR_RO macro mfd: pcf50633: Use DEVICE_ATTR_ADMIN_RO macro mfd: sm501: Use DEVICE_ATTR_RO macro mfd: timberdale: Use DEVICE_ATTR_RO macro mfd: ucb1x00-assabet: Use DEVICE_ATTR_RO macro mfd: wm831x: Use DEVICE_ATTR_RO macro mfd: wm831x: Use DEFINE_RES_IRQ_NAMED() and DEFINE_RES_IRQ() to simplify code dt-bindings: mfd: stm32-timers: Remove #address/size cells from required properties mfd: sun6i-prcm: Use DEFINE_RES_MEM() to simplify code mfd: asic3: Use DEFINE_RES_MEM() and DEFINE_RES_IRQ() to simplify code mfd: 88pm805: Use DEFINE_RES_IRQ_NAMED() to simplify code mfd: 88pm800: Use DEFINE_RES_IRQ_NAMED() to simplify code mfd: tps80031: Use DEFINE_RES_IRQ() to simplify code mfd: da9055: Use DEFINE_RES_IRQ_NAMED() to simplify code mfd: as3722: Use DEFINE_RES_IRQ_NAMED() to simplify code ...
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@@ -9418,16 +9418,6 @@ F: drivers/hwmon/intel-m10-bmc-hwmon.c
F: drivers/mfd/intel-m10-bmc.c
F: include/linux/mfd/intel-m10-bmc.h
-M: Xu Yilun <>
-R: Tom Rix <>
-S: Maintained
-F: Documentation/ABI/testing/sysfs-driver-intel-m10-bmc
-F: Documentation/hwmon/intel-m10-bmc-hwmon.rst
-F: drivers/hwmon/intel-m10-bmc-hwmon.c
-F: drivers/mfd/intel-m10-bmc.c
-F: include/linux/mfd/intel-m10-bmc.h
M: Sujith Thomas <>