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Merge git://
Pull networking fixes from David Miller: 1) Fix type of bind option flag in af_xdp, from Baruch Siach. 2) Fix use after free in bpf_xdp_link_release(), from Xuan Zhao. 3) PM refcnt imbakance in r8152, from Takashi Iwai. 4) Sign extension ug in liquidio, from Colin Ian King. 5) Mising range check in s390 bpf jit, from Colin Ian King. 6) Uninit value in caif_seqpkt_sendmsg(), from Ziyong Xuan. 7) Fix skb page recycling race, from Ilias Apalodimas. 8) Fix memory leak in tcindex_partial_destroy_work, from Pave Skripkin. 9) netrom timer sk refcnt issues, from Nguyen Dinh Phi. 10) Fix data races aroun tcp's tfo_active_disable_stamp, from Eric Dumazet. 11) act_skbmod should only operate on ethernet packets, from Peilin Ye. 12) Fix slab out-of-bpunds in fib6_nh_flush_exceptions(),, from Psolo Abeni. 13) Fix sparx5 dependencies, from Yajun Deng. * git:// (74 commits) dpaa2-switch: seed the buffer pool after allocating the swp net: sched: cls_api: Fix the the wrong parameter net: sparx5: fix unmet dependencies warning net: dsa: tag_ksz: dont let the hardware process the layer 4 checksum net: dsa: ensure linearized SKBs in case of tail taggers ravb: Remove extra TAB ravb: Fix a typo in comment net: dsa: sja1105: make VID 4095 a bridge VLAN too tcp: disable TFO blackhole logic by default sctp: do not update transport pathmtu if SPP_PMTUD_ENABLE is not set net: ixp46x: fix ptp build failure ibmvnic: Remove the proper scrq flush selftests: net: add ESP-in-UDP PMTU test udp: check encap socket in __udp_lib_err sctp: update active_key for asoc when old key is being replaced r8169: Avoid duplicate sysfs entry creation error ixgbe: Fix packet corruption due to missing DMA sync Revert "qed: fix possible unpaired spin_{un}lock_bh in _qed_mcp_cmd_and_union()" ipv6: fix another slab-out-of-bounds in fib6_nh_flush_exceptions fsl/fman: Add fibre support ...
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F: drivers/net/dsa/mt7530.*