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Merge tag 'net-5.14-rc2' of git://
Pull networking fixes from Jakub Kicinski. "Including fixes from bpf and netfilter. Current release - regressions: - sock: fix parameter order in sock_setsockopt() Current release - new code bugs: - netfilter: nft_last: - fix incorrect arithmetic when restoring last used - honor NFTA_LAST_SET on restoration Previous releases - regressions: - udp: properly flush normal packet at GRO time - sfc: ensure correct number of XDP queues; don't allow enabling the feature if there isn't sufficient resources to Tx from any CPU - dsa: sja1105: fix address learning getting disabled on the CPU port - mptcp: addresses a rmem accounting issue that could keep packets in subflow receive buffers longer than necessary, delaying MPTCP-level ACKs - ip_tunnel: fix mtu calculation for ETHER tunnel devices - do not reuse skbs allocated from skbuff_fclone_cache in the napi skb cache, we'd try to return them to the wrong slab cache - tcp: consistently disable header prediction for mptcp Previous releases - always broken: - bpf: fix subprog poke descriptor tracking use-after-free - ipv6: - allocate enough headroom in ip6_finish_output2() in case iptables TEE is used - tcp: drop silly ICMPv6 packet too big messages to avoid expensive and pointless lookups (which may serve as a DDOS vector) - make sure fwmark is copied in SYNACK packets - fix 'disable_policy' for forwarded packets (align with IPv4) - netfilter: conntrack: - do not renew entry stuck in tcp SYN_SENT state - do not mark RST in the reply direction coming after SYN packet for an out-of-sync entry - mptcp: cleanly handle error conditions with MP_JOIN and syncookies - mptcp: fix double free when rejecting a join due to port mismatch - validate lwtstate->data before returning from skb_tunnel_info() - tcp: call sk_wmem_schedule before sk_mem_charge in zerocopy path - mt76: mt7921: continue to probe driver when fw already downloaded - bonding: fix multiple issues with offloading IPsec to (thru?) bond - stmmac: ptp: fix issues around Qbv support and setting time back - bcmgenet: always clear wake-up based on energy detection Misc: - sctp: move 198 addresses from unusable to private scope - ptp: support virtual clocks and timestamping - openvswitch: optimize operation for key comparison" * tag 'net-5.14-rc2' of git:// (158 commits) net: dsa: properly check for the bridge_leave methods in dsa_switch_bridge_leave() sfc: add logs explaining XDP_TX/REDIRECT is not available sfc: ensure correct number of XDP queues sfc: fix lack of XDP TX queues - error XDP TX failed (-22) net: fddi: fix UAF in fza_probe net: dsa: sja1105: fix address learning getting disabled on the CPU port net: ocelot: fix switchdev objects synced for wrong netdev with LAG offload net: Use nlmsg_unicast() instead of netlink_unicast() octeontx2-pf: Fix uninitialized boolean variable pps ipv6: allocate enough headroom in ip6_finish_output2() net: hdlc: rename 'mod_init' & 'mod_exit' functions to be module-specific net: bridge: multicast: fix MRD advertisement router port marking race net: bridge: multicast: fix PIM hello router port marking race net: phy: marvell10g: fix differentiation of 88X3310 from 88X3340 dsa: fix for_each_child.cocci warnings virtio_net: check virtqueue_add_sgs() return value mptcp: properly account bulk freed memory selftests: mptcp: fix case multiple subflows limited by server mptcp: avoid processing packet if a subflow reset mptcp: fix syncookie process if mptcp can not_accept new subflow ...
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F: drivers/ptp/*
F: include/linux/ptp_cl*
+M: Yangbo Lu <>
+S: Maintained
+F: drivers/ptp/ptp_vclock.c
+F: net/ethtool/phc_vclocks.c
M: Oleg Nesterov <>
S: Maintained