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Merge tag 'seccomp-v5.10-rc1' of git://
Pull seccomp updates from Kees Cook: "The bulk of the changes are with the seccomp selftests to accommodate some powerpc-specific behavioral characteristics. Additional cleanups, fixes, and improvements are also included: - heavily refactor seccomp selftests (and clone3 selftests dependency) to fix powerpc (Kees Cook, Thadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo) - fix style issue in selftests (Zou Wei) - upgrade "unknown action" from KILL_THREAD to KILL_PROCESS (Rich Felker) - replace task_pt_regs(current) with current_pt_regs() (Denis Efremov) - fix corner-case race in USER_NOTIF (Jann Horn) - make CONFIG_SECCOMP no longer per-arch (YiFei Zhu)" * tag 'seccomp-v5.10-rc1' of git:// (23 commits) seccomp: Make duplicate listener detection non-racy seccomp: Move config option SECCOMP to arch/Kconfig selftests/clone3: Avoid OS-defined clone_args selftests/seccomp: powerpc: Set syscall return during ptrace syscall exit selftests/seccomp: Allow syscall nr and ret value to be set separately selftests/seccomp: Record syscall during ptrace entry selftests/seccomp: powerpc: Fix seccomp return value testing selftests/seccomp: Remove SYSCALL_NUM_RET_SHARE_REG in favor of SYSCALL_RET_SET selftests/seccomp: Avoid redundant register flushes selftests/seccomp: Convert REGSET calls into ARCH_GETREG/ARCH_SETREG selftests/seccomp: Convert HAVE_GETREG into ARCH_GETREG/ARCH_SETREG selftests/seccomp: Remove syscall setting #ifdefs selftests/seccomp: mips: Remove O32-specific macro selftests/seccomp: arm64: Define SYSCALL_NUM_SET macro selftests/seccomp: arm: Define SYSCALL_NUM_SET macro selftests/seccomp: mips: Define SYSCALL_NUM_SET macro selftests/seccomp: Provide generic syscall setting macro selftests/seccomp: Refactor arch register macros to avoid xtensa special case selftests/seccomp: Use __NR_mknodat instead of __NR_mknod selftests/seccomp: Use bitwise instead of arithmetic operator for flags ...
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diff --git a/arch/Kconfig b/arch/Kconfig
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--- a/arch/Kconfig
+++ b/arch/Kconfig
@@ -450,10 +450,23 @@ config ARCH_WANT_OLD_COMPAT_IPC
+ bool
+ help
+ An arch should select this symbol to support seccomp mode 1 (the fixed
+ syscall policy), and must provide an overrides for __NR_seccomp_sigreturn,
+ and compat syscalls if the asm-generic/seccomp.h defaults need adjustment:
+ - __NR_seccomp_read_32
+ - __NR_seccomp_write_32
+ - __NR_seccomp_exit_32
+ - __NR_seccomp_sigreturn_32
An arch should select this symbol if it provides all of these things:
+ - all the requirements for HAVE_ARCH_SECCOMP
- syscall_get_arch()
- syscall_get_arguments()
- syscall_rollback()
@@ -464,6 +477,23 @@ config HAVE_ARCH_SECCOMP_FILTER
results in the system call being skipped immediately.
- seccomp syscall wired up
+config SECCOMP
+ prompt "Enable seccomp to safely execute untrusted bytecode"
+ def_bool y
+ depends on HAVE_ARCH_SECCOMP
+ help
+ This kernel feature is useful for number crunching applications
+ that may need to handle untrusted bytecode during their
+ execution. By using pipes or other transports made available
+ to the process as file descriptors supporting the read/write
+ syscalls, it's possible to isolate those applications in their
+ own address space using seccomp. Once seccomp is enabled via
+ prctl(PR_SET_SECCOMP) or the seccomp() syscall, it cannot be
+ disabled and the task is only allowed to execute a few safe
+ syscalls defined by each seccomp mode.
+ If unsure, say Y.
def_bool y