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Merge tag 's390-5.12-1' of git://
Pull s390 updates from Vasily Gorbik: - Convert to using the generic entry infrastructure. - Add vdso time namespace support. - Switch s390 and alpha to 64-bit ino_t. As discussed at - Get rid of expensive stck (store clock) usages where possible. Utilize cpu alternatives to patch stckf when supported. - Make tod_clock usage less error prone by converting it to a union and rework code which is using it. - Machine check handler fixes and cleanups. - Drop couple of minor inline asm optimizations to fix clang build. - Default configs changes notably to make libvirt happy. - Various changes to rework and improve qdio code. - Other small various fixes and improvements all over the code. * tag 's390-5.12-1' of git:// (68 commits) s390/qdio: remove 'merge_pending' mechanism s390/qdio: improve handling of PENDING buffers for QEBSM devices s390/qdio: rework q->qdio_error indication s390/qdio: inline qdio_kick_handler() s390/time: remove get_tod_clock_ext() s390/crypto: use store_tod_clock_ext() s390/hypfs: use store_tod_clock_ext() s390/debug: use union tod_clock s390/kvm: use union tod_clock s390/vdso: use union tod_clock s390/time: convert tod_clock_base to union s390/time: introduce new store_tod_clock_ext() s390/time: rename store_tod_clock_ext() and use union tod_clock s390/time: introduce union tod_clock s390,alpha: switch to 64-bit ino_t s390: split cleanup_sie s390: use r13 in cleanup_sie as temp register s390: fix kernel asce loading when sie is interrupted s390: add stack for machine check handler s390: use WRITE_ONCE when re-allocating async stack ...
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config ALPHA
default y