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sh: hd64461: Fix up I/O base register offsets.
hd64461 is mapped in a fixed location, so the I/O base itself is fairly meaningless as a configuration item. Additionally, this makes it impossible to share hd64461 code alongside generic drivers (in the case of sh_dac_audio), so simply make it commonly defined and permit the mach_is_foo() logic to work out the proper semantics. Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <>
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--- a/arch/sh/cchips/Kconfig
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@@ -34,11 +34,6 @@ config HD64461_IRQ
Do not change this unless you know what you are doing.
-config HD64461_IOBASE
- hex "HD64461 start address"
- depends on HD64461
- default "0xb0000000"
config HD64461_ENABLER
bool "HD64461 PCMCIA enabler"
depends on HD64461