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KEYS: Make the system trusted keyring depend on the asymmetric key type
Make the system trusted keyring depend on the asymmetric key type as there's not a lot of point having it if you can't then load asymmetric keys onto it. This requires the ASYMMETRIC_KEY_TYPE to be made a bool, not a tristate, as the Kconfig language doesn't then correctly force ASYMMETRIC_KEY_TYPE to 'y' rather than 'm' if SYSTEM_TRUSTED_KEYRING is 'y'. Making SYSTEM_TRUSTED_KEYRING *select* ASYMMETRIC_KEY_TYPE instead doesn't work as the Kconfig interpreter then wrongly complains about dependency loops. Signed-off-by: David Howells <>
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- tristate "Asymmetric (public-key cryptographic) key type"
+ bool "Asymmetric (public-key cryptographic) key type"
depends on KEYS
This option provides support for a key type that holds the data for