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Merge branches 'clk-imx', 'clk-samsung', 'clk-zynq', 'clk-rockchip' and 'clk-uniphier' into clk-next
- Simplify Zynq Kconfig dependencies * clk-imx: clk: imx: Reference preceded by free clk: imx8mq: Correct the pcie1 sels clk: imx8mp: Remove the none exist pcie clocks clk: imx: Fix reparenting of UARTs not associated with stdout * clk-samsung: clk: samsung: Remove redundant dev_err calls clk: exynos7: Mark aclk_fsys1_200 as critical * clk-zynq: clk: zynqmp: pll: add set_pll_mode to check condition in zynqmp_pll_enable clk: zynqmp: move zynqmp_pll_set_mode out of round_rate callback clk: zynqmp: Drop dependency on ARCH_ZYNQMP clk: zynqmp: Enable the driver if ZYNQMP_FIRMWARE is selected * clk-rockchip: clk: rockchip: drop MODULE_ALIAS from rk3399 clock controller clk: rockchip: drop parenthesis from ARM || COMPILE_TEST depends clk: rockchip: add clock controller for rk3568 clk: rockchip: support more core div setting dt-binding: clock: Document rockchip, rk3568-cru bindings clk: rockchip: add dt-binding header for rk3568 * clk-uniphier: clk: uniphier: Fix potential infinite loop