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authorChris Lew <>2019-10-04 15:27:00 -0700
committerBjorn Andersson <>2019-10-16 09:38:22 -0700
commitf7e714988edaffe6ac578318e99501149b067ba0 (patch)
treea45a2ef5714166571214322db9681148c443185c /drivers/rpmsg
parentb646293e272816dd0719529dcebbd659de0722f7 (diff)
rpmsg: glink: Fix rpmsg_register_device err handling
The device release function is set before registering with rpmsg. If rpmsg registration fails, the framework will call device_put(), which invokes the release function. The channel create logic does not need to free rpdev if rpmsg_register_device() fails and release is called. Fixes: b4f8e52b89f6 ("rpmsg: Introduce Qualcomm RPM glink driver") Cc: Tested-by: Srinivas Kandagatla <> Signed-off-by: Chris Lew <> Signed-off-by: Bjorn Andersson <>
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/drivers/rpmsg/qcom_glink_native.c b/drivers/rpmsg/qcom_glink_native.c
index 21fd2ae5f7f1..89e02baea2d0 100644
--- a/drivers/rpmsg/qcom_glink_native.c
+++ b/drivers/rpmsg/qcom_glink_native.c
@@ -1423,15 +1423,13 @@ static int qcom_glink_rx_open(struct qcom_glink *glink, unsigned int rcid,
ret = rpmsg_register_device(rpdev);
if (ret)
- goto free_rpdev;
+ goto rcid_remove;
channel->rpdev = rpdev;
return 0;
- kfree(rpdev);
spin_lock_irqsave(&glink->idr_lock, flags);
idr_remove(&glink->rcids, channel->rcid);