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Merge branches 'acpi-scan', 'acpi-drivers', 'acpi-pm' and 'acpi-resources'
* acpi-scan: ACPI: bus: Introduce acpi_dev_get() and reuse it in ACPI code ACPI: scan: Utilize match_string() API ACPI: scan: Call acpi_get_object_info() from acpi_set_pnp_ids() ACPI: scan: Drop sta argument from acpi_init_device_object() ACPI: scan: Drop sta argument from acpi_add_single_object() ACPI: scan: Rearrange checks in acpi_bus_check_add() ACPI: scan: Fold acpi_bus_type_and_status() into its caller * acpi-drivers: ACPI: HED: Drop unused ACPI_MODULE_NAME() definition * acpi-pm: ACPI: power: Turn off unused power resources unconditionally ACPI: scan: Turn off unused power resources during initialization * acpi-resources: resource: Prevent irqresource_disabled() from erasing flags