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authorArnd Bergmann <>2021-04-13 11:06:03 +0200
committerArnd Bergmann <>2021-04-13 11:06:03 +0200
commit41c39cfc841d3ed0d302edd2a539d752a13fa06e (patch)
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parent242b0b398ccd34f73772120bd27a87a1bf00e30b (diff)
Merge tag 'soc-fsl-next-v5.13' of git:// into arm/drivers
NXP/FSL SoC driver updates for v5.13 - Add ACPI support for RCPM driver - Use generic io{read,write} for QE drivers after performance optimized for PowerPC - Fix QBMAN probe to cleanup HW states correctly for kexec - Various cleanup and style fix for QBMAN/QE/GUTS drivers * tag 'soc-fsl-next-v5.13' of git:// soc: fsl: enable acpi support in RCPM driver Revert "soc: fsl: qe: introduce qe_io{read,write}* wrappers" tty: serial: ucc_uart: replace qe_io{read,write}* wrappers by generic io{read,write}* soc: fsl: qe: replace qe_io{read,write}* wrappers by generic io{read,write}* soc: fsl: guts: fix comment syntax in file soc: fsl: guts: remove unneeded semicolon soc: fsl: qe: Use DEFINE_SPINLOCK() for spinlock soc: fsl: qbman: Delete useless kfree code soc: fsl: qbman: Ensure device cleanup is run for kexec Link: Signed-off-by: Arnd Bergmann <>
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1 files changed, 9 insertions, 25 deletions
diff --git a/include/soc/fsl/qe/qe.h b/include/soc/fsl/qe/qe.h
index 4925a1b59dc9..b02e9fe69146 100644
--- a/include/soc/fsl/qe/qe.h
+++ b/include/soc/fsl/qe/qe.h
@@ -239,37 +239,21 @@ static inline int qe_alive_during_sleep(void)
#define qe_muram_dma cpm_muram_dma
#define qe_muram_free_addr cpm_muram_free_addr
-#ifdef CONFIG_PPC32
-#define qe_iowrite8(val, addr) out_8(addr, val)
-#define qe_iowrite16be(val, addr) out_be16(addr, val)
-#define qe_iowrite32be(val, addr) out_be32(addr, val)
-#define qe_ioread8(addr) in_8(addr)
-#define qe_ioread16be(addr) in_be16(addr)
-#define qe_ioread32be(addr) in_be32(addr)
-#define qe_iowrite8(val, addr) iowrite8(val, addr)
-#define qe_iowrite16be(val, addr) iowrite16be(val, addr)
-#define qe_iowrite32be(val, addr) iowrite32be(val, addr)
-#define qe_ioread8(addr) ioread8(addr)
-#define qe_ioread16be(addr) ioread16be(addr)
-#define qe_ioread32be(addr) ioread32be(addr)
-#define qe_setbits_be32(_addr, _v) qe_iowrite32be(qe_ioread32be(_addr) | (_v), (_addr))
-#define qe_clrbits_be32(_addr, _v) qe_iowrite32be(qe_ioread32be(_addr) & ~(_v), (_addr))
+#define qe_setbits_be32(_addr, _v) iowrite32be(ioread32be(_addr) | (_v), (_addr))
+#define qe_clrbits_be32(_addr, _v) iowrite32be(ioread32be(_addr) & ~(_v), (_addr))
-#define qe_setbits_be16(_addr, _v) qe_iowrite16be(qe_ioread16be(_addr) | (_v), (_addr))
-#define qe_clrbits_be16(_addr, _v) qe_iowrite16be(qe_ioread16be(_addr) & ~(_v), (_addr))
+#define qe_setbits_be16(_addr, _v) iowrite16be(ioread16be(_addr) | (_v), (_addr))
+#define qe_clrbits_be16(_addr, _v) iowrite16be(ioread16be(_addr) & ~(_v), (_addr))
-#define qe_setbits_8(_addr, _v) qe_iowrite8(qe_ioread8(_addr) | (_v), (_addr))
-#define qe_clrbits_8(_addr, _v) qe_iowrite8(qe_ioread8(_addr) & ~(_v), (_addr))
+#define qe_setbits_8(_addr, _v) iowrite8(ioread8(_addr) | (_v), (_addr))
+#define qe_clrbits_8(_addr, _v) iowrite8(ioread8(_addr) & ~(_v), (_addr))
#define qe_clrsetbits_be32(addr, clear, set) \
- qe_iowrite32be((qe_ioread32be(addr) & ~(clear)) | (set), (addr))
+ iowrite32be((ioread32be(addr) & ~(clear)) | (set), (addr))
#define qe_clrsetbits_be16(addr, clear, set) \
- qe_iowrite16be((qe_ioread16be(addr) & ~(clear)) | (set), (addr))
+ iowrite16be((ioread16be(addr) & ~(clear)) | (set), (addr))
#define qe_clrsetbits_8(addr, clear, set) \
- qe_iowrite8((qe_ioread8(addr) & ~(clear)) | (set), (addr))
+ iowrite8((ioread8(addr) & ~(clear)) | (set), (addr))
/* Structure that defines QE firmware binary files.