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Merge tag 'netfs-fixes-20210621' of git://
Pull netfs fixes from David Howells: "This contains patches to fix netfs_write_begin() and afs_write_end() in the following ways: (1) In netfs_write_begin(), extract the decision about whether to skip a page out to its own helper and have that clear around the region to be written, but not clear that region. This requires the filesystem to patch it up afterwards if the hole doesn't get completely filled. (2) Use offset_in_thp() in (1) rather than manually calculating the offset into the page. (3) Due to (1), afs_write_end() now needs to handle short data write into the page by generic_perform_write(). I've adopted an analogous approach to ceph of just returning 0 in this case and letting the caller go round again. It also adds a note that (in the future) the len parameter may extend beyond the page allocated. This is because the page allocation is deferred to write_begin() and that gets to decide what size of THP to allocate." Jeff Layton points out: "The netfs fix in particular fixes a data corruption bug in cephfs" * tag 'netfs-fixes-20210621' of git:// netfs: fix test for whether we can skip read when writing beyond EOF afs: Fix afs_write_end() to handle short writes
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