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Merge tag 'gpio-updates-for-v5.14' of git://
Pull gpio updates from Bartosz Golaszewski: "One new driver, support for new models in existing ones, dt-bindings conversions for several modules and improvements all over the place. Summary: - new driver for the IDT 79RC3243x GPIO controller - device tree bindings coversion to YAML for the following drivers: gpio-rk3328-grf, gpio-omap, gpio-davinci, gpio-zynq, gpio-stp, gpio-pcf857x - cleanup of probe functions in many drivers from Alexandru Ardelean, mostly dropping unnecessary calls to platform_set_drvdata() and removing error messages where none are needed (handled by the subsystem already) - several improvements to the core gpiolib and the sysfs interface code from Andy Shevchenko - conversion of the gpio-xilinx driver to using the bitmap API + improvements of suspend/resume handling + minor tweaks - convert the gpio-stmpe to using devres helpers exclusively in probe for improved robustness - updates for the generic gpio-regmap driver - updates for the gpio-dwapb driver - support for a new model in gpio-pca953x - cleanups in gpio-tegra186, gpio-104-idio-16, gpio-mxs & gpio-xgene - slight code refactoring of the gpio-zynq driver - documentation fixes from Mauro Carvalho Chehab - a bunch of minor tweaks and improvements all over the place" * tag 'gpio-updates-for-v5.14' of git:// (57 commits) docs: driver-api: gpio: using-gpio.rst: avoid using ReST :doc:`foo` markup dt-bindings: gpio: pcf857x: Convert to json-schema gpio: mxs: Prefer unsigned int to bare use of unsigned dt-bindings: gpio: stp: convert to json-schema dt-bindings: gpio: zynq: convert bindings to YAML dt-bindings: gpio: gpio-davinci: Convert to json-schema gpio: pca953x: Add support for the On Semi pca9655 gpio: gpio-xilinx: update on suspend and resume calls gpio: zynq: Check return value of irq_get_irq_data gpio: zynq: Check return value of pm_runtime_get_sync gpio: zynq: use module_platform_driver to simplify the code gpio: idt3243x: Fix return value check in idt_gpio_probe() MAINTAINERS: update ti,omap-gpio.yaml reference dt-bindings: gpio: Add devicetree binding for IDT 79RC32434 GPIO controller gpio: Add support for IDT 79RC3243x GPIO controller gpio: regmap: move drvdata to config data gpio-dwapb: Drop unused headers and sort the rest gpio: gpio-regmap: Use devm_add_action_or_reset() gpio: dwapb: Switch to use fwnode_irq_get() gpio: dwapb: Drop redundant check in dwapb_irq_set_type() ...
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diff --git a/lib/bitmap.c b/lib/bitmap.c
index 6e29b2aae6ba..9401d39e4722 100644
--- a/lib/bitmap.c
+++ b/lib/bitmap.c
@@ -793,8 +793,6 @@ int bitmap_parse(const char *start, unsigned int buflen,
* bitmap_pos_to_ord - find ordinal of set bit at given position in bitmap
* @buf: pointer to a bitmap
@@ -903,6 +901,7 @@ void bitmap_remap(unsigned long *dst, const unsigned long *src,
set_bit(bitmap_ord_to_pos(new, n % w, nbits), dst);
* bitmap_bitremap - Apply map defined by a pair of bitmaps to a single bit
@@ -940,7 +939,9 @@ int bitmap_bitremap(int oldbit, const unsigned long *old,
return bitmap_ord_to_pos(new, n % w, bits);
* bitmap_onto - translate one bitmap relative to another
* @dst: resulting translated bitmap