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Merge branch 'per-route-dctcp-receive-side'
Daniel Borkmann says: ==================== tcp: receive-side per route dctcp handling Original cover letter: Currently, the following case doesn't use DCTCP, even if it should: - responder has f.e. cubic as system wide default - 'ip route congctl dctcp $src' was set Then, DCTCP is NOT used if a DCTCP sender attempts to connect from a host in the $src range: ECT(0) is set, but listen_sk is not dctcp, so we fail the INET_ECN_is_not_ect sanity check. We also have to examine the dst used for the SYN/ACK reply to make this case work. In order to minimize additional cost, store the 'ecn is must have' information is the dst_features field. The set targets -next instead of -net since this doesn't seem to be a serious bug and to give the change more soak time until it hits linus tree. v1 -> v2: - Addressed Dave's feedback, not exposing any bits to user space - Added patch 3 to reject incorrect configurations - Rest as is, rebased and retested ==================== Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <>
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