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authorPeter Collingbourne <>2020-08-06 23:23:37 -0700
committerLinus Torvalds <>2020-08-07 11:33:27 -0700
commit45e55300f11495ed58c53427da7f0d958800a30f (patch)
treed963319949f57eedbbfa7ced3b5f3dab2db717f0 /mm/mmap.c
parentd70cec8983241a6aafadf78e2d65bbafac87ab6a (diff)
mm: remove unnecessary wrapper function do_mmap_pgoff()
The current split between do_mmap() and do_mmap_pgoff() was introduced in commit 1fcfd8db7f82 ("mm, mpx: add "vm_flags_t vm_flags" arg to do_mmap_pgoff()") to support MPX. The wrapper function do_mmap_pgoff() always passed 0 as the value of the vm_flags argument to do_mmap(). However, MPX support has subsequently been removed from the kernel and there were no more direct callers of do_mmap(); all calls were going via do_mmap_pgoff(). Simplify the code by removing do_mmap_pgoff() and changing all callers to directly call do_mmap(), which now no longer takes a vm_flags argument. Signed-off-by: Peter Collingbourne <> Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <> Reviewed-by: Andrew Morton <> Reviewed-by: David Hildenbrand <> Link: Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <>
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1 files changed, 8 insertions, 8 deletions
diff --git a/mm/mmap.c b/mm/mmap.c
index ba39409cdb17..40248d84ad5f 100644
--- a/mm/mmap.c
+++ b/mm/mmap.c
@@ -1030,7 +1030,7 @@ static inline int is_mergeable_anon_vma(struct anon_vma *anon_vma1,
* anon_vmas, nor if same anon_vma is assigned but offsets incompatible.
* We don't check here for the merged mmap wrapping around the end of pagecache
- * indices (16TB on ia32) because do_mmap_pgoff() does not permit mmap's which
+ * indices (16TB on ia32) because do_mmap() does not permit mmap's which
* wrap, nor mmaps which cover the final page at index -1UL.
static int
@@ -1365,11 +1365,11 @@ static inline bool file_mmap_ok(struct file *file, struct inode *inode,
unsigned long do_mmap(struct file *file, unsigned long addr,
unsigned long len, unsigned long prot,
- unsigned long flags, vm_flags_t vm_flags,
- unsigned long pgoff, unsigned long *populate,
- struct list_head *uf)
+ unsigned long flags, unsigned long pgoff,
+ unsigned long *populate, struct list_head *uf)
struct mm_struct *mm = current->mm;
+ vm_flags_t vm_flags;
int pkey = 0;
*populate = 0;
@@ -1431,7 +1431,7 @@ unsigned long do_mmap(struct file *file, unsigned long addr,
* to. we assume access permissions have been handled by the open
* of the memory object, so we don't do any here.
- vm_flags |= calc_vm_prot_bits(prot, pkey) | calc_vm_flag_bits(flags) |
+ vm_flags = calc_vm_prot_bits(prot, pkey) | calc_vm_flag_bits(flags) |
if (flags & MAP_LOCKED)
@@ -2230,7 +2230,7 @@ get_unmapped_area(struct file *file, unsigned long addr, unsigned long len,
* mmap_region() will call shmem_zero_setup() to create a file,
* so use shmem's get_unmapped_area in case it can be huge.
- * do_mmap_pgoff() will clear pgoff, so match alignment.
+ * do_mmap() will clear pgoff, so match alignment.
pgoff = 0;
get_area = shmem_get_unmapped_area;
@@ -3003,7 +3003,7 @@ SYSCALL_DEFINE5(remap_file_pages, unsigned long, start, unsigned long, size,
file = get_file(vma->vm_file);
- ret = do_mmap_pgoff(vma->vm_file, start, size,
+ ret = do_mmap(vma->vm_file, start, size,
prot, flags, pgoff, &populate, NULL);
@@ -3223,7 +3223,7 @@ int insert_vm_struct(struct mm_struct *mm, struct vm_area_struct *vma)
* By setting it to reflect the virtual start address of the
* vma, merges and splits can happen in a seamless way, just
* using the existing file pgoff checks and manipulations.
- * Similarly in do_mmap_pgoff and in do_brk.
+ * Similarly in do_mmap and in do_brk.
if (vma_is_anonymous(vma)) {