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authorDennis Zhou <>2021-02-14 17:16:33 +0000
committerDennis Zhou <>2021-02-14 18:15:15 +0000
commit258e0815e2b1706e87c0d874211097aa8a7aa52f (patch)
treeb98cacd48ddbbdfb81a243053bfd1fbf27d9a5fb /mm
parentd7d29ac76f7efb506bcecc092641e704f791d92d (diff)
percpu: fix clang modpost section mismatch
pcpu_build_alloc_info() is an __init function that makes a call to cpumask_clear_cpu(). With CONFIG_GCOV_PROFILE_ALL enabled, the inline heuristics are modified and such cpumask_clear_cpu() which is marked inline doesn't get inlined. Because it works on mask in __initdata, modpost throws a section mismatch error. Arnd sent a patch with the flatten attribute as an alternative [2]. I've added it to compiler_attributes.h. modpost complaint: WARNING: modpost: vmlinux.o(.text+0x735425): Section mismatch in reference from the function cpumask_clear_cpu() to the variable The function cpumask_clear_cpu() references the variable __initdata pcpu_build_alloc_info.mask. This is often because cpumask_clear_cpu lacks a __initdata annotation or the annotation of pcpu_build_alloc_info.mask is wrong. clang output: mm/percpu.c:2724:5: remark: cpumask_clear_cpu not inlined into pcpu_build_alloc_info because too costly to inline (cost=725, threshold=325) [-Rpass-missed=inline] [1] [2] Reported-by: kernel test robot <> Cc: Arnd Bergmann <> Cc: Nick Desaulniers <> Signed-off-by: Dennis Zhou <>
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/mm/percpu.c b/mm/percpu.c
index 80f8f885a990..6596a0a4286e 100644
--- a/mm/percpu.c
+++ b/mm/percpu.c
@@ -2663,7 +2663,7 @@ early_param("percpu_alloc", percpu_alloc_setup);
* On success, pointer to the new allocation_info is returned. On
* failure, ERR_PTR value is returned.
-static struct pcpu_alloc_info * __init pcpu_build_alloc_info(
+static struct pcpu_alloc_info * __init __flatten pcpu_build_alloc_info(
size_t reserved_size, size_t dyn_size,
size_t atom_size,
pcpu_fc_cpu_distance_fn_t cpu_distance_fn)