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net/hsr: Add support for the High-availability Seamless Redundancy protocol (HSRv0)
High-availability Seamless Redundancy ("HSR") provides instant failover redundancy for Ethernet networks. It requires a special network topology where all nodes are connected in a ring (each node having two physical network interfaces). It is suited for applications that demand high availability and very short reaction time. HSR acts on the Ethernet layer, using a registered Ethernet protocol type to send special HSR frames in both directions over the ring. The driver creates virtual network interfaces that can be used just like any ordinary Linux network interface, for IP/TCP/UDP traffic etc. All nodes in the network ring must be HSR capable. This code is a "best effort" to comply with the HSR standard as described in IEC 62439-3:2010 (HSRv0). Signed-off-by: Arvid Brodin <> Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <>
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@@ -71,3 +71,4 @@ obj-$(CONFIG_NFC) += nfc/
obj-$(CONFIG_OPENVSWITCH) += openvswitch/
obj-$(CONFIG_VSOCKETS) += vmw_vsock/
obj-$(CONFIG_NET_MPLS_GSO) += mpls/
+obj-$(CONFIG_HSR) += hsr/