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Merge tag 'docs-5.12' of git://
Pull documentation updates from Jonathan Corbet: "It has been a relatively quiet cycle in docsland. - As promised, the minimum Sphinx version to build the docs is now 1.7, and we have dropped support for Python 2 entirely. That allowed the removal of a bunch of compatibility code. - A set of treewide warning fixups from Mauro that I applied after it became clear nobody else was going to deal with them. - The automarkup mechanism can now create cross-references from relative paths to RST files. - More translations, typo fixes, and warning fixes" * tag 'docs-5.12' of git:// (75 commits) docs: kernel-hacking: be more civil docs: Remove the Microsoft rhetoric Documentation/admin-guide: kernel-parameters: Update nohlt section doc/admin-guide: fix spelling mistake: "perfomance" -> "performance" docs: Document cross-referencing using relative path docs: Enable usage of relative paths to docs on automarkup docs: thermal: fix spelling mistakes Documentation: admin-guide: Update kvm/xen config option docs: Make syscalls' helpers naming consistent coding-style.rst: Avoid comma statements Documentation: /proc/loadavg: add 3 more field descriptions Documentation/submitting-patches: Add blurb about backtraces in commit messages Docs: drop Python 2 support Move our minimum Sphinx version to 1.7 Documentation: input: define ABS_PRESSURE/ABS_MT_PRESSURE resolution as grams scripts/kernel-doc: add internal hyperlink to DOC: sections Update Documentation/admin-guide/sysctl/fs.rst docs: Update DTB format references docs: zh_CN: add iio index.rst translation docs/zh_CN: add iio ep93xx_adc.rst translation ...
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diff --git a/samples/kprobes/kprobe_example.c b/samples/kprobes/kprobe_example.c
index 365905cb24b1..331dcf151532 100644
--- a/samples/kprobes/kprobe_example.c
+++ b/samples/kprobes/kprobe_example.c
@@ -1,6 +1,5 @@
// SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only
- * NOTE: This example is works on x86 and powerpc.
* Here's a sample kernel module showing the use of kprobes to dump a
* stack trace and selected registers when kernel_clone() is called.
@@ -44,6 +43,10 @@ static int __kprobes handler_pre(struct kprobe *p, struct pt_regs *regs)
" pstate = 0x%lx\n",
p->symbol_name, p->addr, (long)regs->pc, (long)regs->pstate);
+#ifdef CONFIG_ARM
+ pr_info("<%s> pre_handler: p->addr = 0x%p, pc = 0x%lx, cpsr = 0x%lx\n",
+ p->symbol_name, p->addr, (long)regs->ARM_pc, (long)regs->ARM_cpsr);
#ifdef CONFIG_S390
pr_info("<%s> pre_handler: p->addr, 0x%p, ip = 0x%lx, flags = 0x%lx\n",
p->symbol_name, p->addr, regs->psw.addr, regs->flags);
@@ -73,6 +76,10 @@ static void __kprobes handler_post(struct kprobe *p, struct pt_regs *regs,
pr_info("<%s> post_handler: p->addr = 0x%p, pstate = 0x%lx\n",
p->symbol_name, p->addr, (long)regs->pstate);
+#ifdef CONFIG_ARM
+ pr_info("<%s> post_handler: p->addr = 0x%p, cpsr = 0x%lx\n",
+ p->symbol_name, p->addr, (long)regs->ARM_cpsr);
#ifdef CONFIG_S390
pr_info("<%s> pre_handler: p->addr, 0x%p, flags = 0x%lx\n",
p->symbol_name, p->addr, regs->flags);