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libbpf: xsk: Use bpf_link
Currently, if there are multiple xdpsock instances running on a single interface and in case one of the instances is terminated, the rest of them are left in an inoperable state due to the fact of unloaded XDP prog from interface. Consider the scenario below: // load xdp prog and xskmap and add entry to xskmap at idx 10 $ sudo ./xdpsock -i ens801f0 -t -q 10 // add entry to xskmap at idx 11 $ sudo ./xdpsock -i ens801f0 -t -q 11 terminate one of the processes and another one is unable to work due to the fact that the XDP prog was unloaded from interface. To address that, step away from setting bpf prog in favour of bpf_link. This means that refcounting of BPF resources will be done automatically by bpf_link itself. Provide backward compatibility by checking if underlying system is bpf_link capable. Do this by looking up/creating bpf_link on loopback device. If it failed in any way, stick with netlink-based XDP prog. therwise, use bpf_link-based logic. When setting up BPF resources during xsk socket creation, check whether bpf_link for a given ifindex already exists via set of calls to bpf_link_get_next_id -> bpf_link_get_fd_by_id -> bpf_obj_get_info_by_fd and comparing the ifindexes from bpf_link and xsk socket. For case where resources exist but they are not AF_XDP related, bail out and ask user to remove existing prog and then retry. Lastly, do a bit of refactoring within __xsk_setup_xdp_prog and pull out existing code branches based on prog_id value onto separate functions that are responsible for resource initialization if prog_id was 0 and for lookup existing resources for non-zero prog_id as that implies that XDP program is present on the underlying net device. This in turn makes it easier to follow, especially the teardown part of both branches. Signed-off-by: Maciej Fijalkowski <> Signed-off-by: Alexei Starovoitov <> Link:
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