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authorMasahiro Yamada <>2021-05-03 03:09:55 +0900
committerMasahiro Yamada <>2021-05-06 02:14:38 +0900
commit44f87191d105519cdf37fb0d4988006ea04eb34e (patch)
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kbuild: parameterize the .o part of suffix-search
The suffix-search macro hard-codes the suffix, '.o'. Make it a parameter so that the multi-search and real-search macros can be reused for foo-dtbs syntax introduced by commit 15d16d6dadf6 ("kbuild: Add generic rule to apply fdtoverlay"). Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <>
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diff --git a/scripts/Makefile.lib b/scripts/Makefile.lib
index c0982b8b2b6d..0c8d146879eb 100644
--- a/scripts/Makefile.lib
+++ b/scripts/Makefile.lib
@@ -44,19 +44,22 @@ else
obj-y := $(filter-out %/, $(obj-y))
-# Expand $(foo-objs) $(foo-y) by calling $(call suffix-search,foo.o,-objs -y)
-suffix-search = $(strip $(foreach s, $2, $($(1:.o=$s))))
+# Expand $(foo-objs) $(foo-y) etc. by replacing their individuals
+suffix-search = $(strip $(foreach s, $3, $($(1:%$(strip $2)=%$s))))
+# List composite targets that are constructed by combining other targets
+multi-search = $(sort $(foreach m, $1, $(if $(call suffix-search, $m, $2, $3 -), $m)))
+# List primitive targets that are compiled from source files
+real-search = $(foreach m, $1, $(if $(call suffix-search, $m, $2, $3 -), $(call suffix-search, $m, $2, $3), $m))
# If $(foo-objs), $(foo-y), $(foo-m), or $(foo-) exists, foo.o is a composite object
-multi-search = $(sort $(foreach m, $1, $(if $(call suffix-search, $m, $2 -), $m)))
-multi-obj-y := $(call multi-search,$(obj-y),-objs -y)
-multi-obj-m := $(call multi-search,$(obj-m),-objs -y -m)
+multi-obj-y := $(call multi-search, $(obj-y), .o, -objs -y)
+multi-obj-m := $(call multi-search, $(obj-m), .o, -objs -y -m)
multi-obj-ym := $(multi-obj-y) $(multi-obj-m)
# Replace multi-part objects by their individual parts,
# including built-in.a from subdirectories
-real-search = $(foreach m, $1, $(if $(call suffix-search, $m, $2 -), $(call suffix-search, $m, $2), $m))
-real-obj-y := $(call real-search, $(obj-y),-objs -y)
-real-obj-m := $(call real-search, $(obj-m),-objs -y -m)
+real-obj-y := $(call real-search, $(obj-y), .o, -objs -y)
+real-obj-m := $(call real-search, $(obj-m), .o, -objs -y -m)
always-y += $(always-m)