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Merge tag 'scsi-misc' of git://
Pull SCSI updates from James Bottomley: "This series has a huge amount of churn because it pulls in Mauro's doc update changing all our txt files to rst ones. Excluding that, we have the usual driver updates (qla2xxx, ufs, lpfc, zfcp, ibmvfc, pm80xx, aacraid), a treewide update for scnprintf and some other minor updates. The major core change is Hannes moving functions out of the aacraid driver and into the core" * tag 'scsi-misc' of git:// (223 commits) scsi: aic7xxx: aic97xx: Remove FreeBSD-specific code scsi: ufs: Do not rely on prefetched data scsi: dc395x: remove dc395x_bios_param scsi: libiscsi: Fix error count for active session scsi: hpsa: correct race condition in offload enabled scsi: message: fusion: Replace zero-length array with flexible-array member scsi: qedi: Add PCI shutdown handler support scsi: qedi: Add MFW error recovery process scsi: ufs: Enable block layer runtime PM for well-known logical units scsi: ufs-qcom: Override devfreq parameters scsi: ufshcd: Let vendor override devfreq parameters scsi: ufshcd: Update the set frequency to devfreq scsi: ufs: Resume ufs host before accessing ufs device scsi: ufs-mediatek: customize the delay for enabling host scsi: ufs: make HCE polling more compact to improve initialization latency scsi: ufs: allow custom delay prior to host enabling scsi: ufs-mediatek: use common delay function scsi: ufs: introduce common and flexible delay function scsi: ufs: use an enum for host capabilities scsi: ufs: fix uninitialized tx_lanes in ufshcd_disable_tx_lcc() ...
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@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ use Getopt::Long qw(:config no_auto_abbrev);
# to mention a past documentation file, for example, to give credits for
# the original work.
my %false_positives = (
- "Documentation/scsi/scsi_mid_low_api.txt" => "Documentation/",
+ "Documentation/scsi/scsi_mid_low_api.rst" => "Documentation/",
"drivers/vhost/vhost.c" => "Documentation/virtual/lguest/lguest.c",