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authorUwe Kleine-König <>2020-09-19 16:39:22 +0200
committerRob Herring <>2020-09-29 15:48:08 -0500
commitefe84d408bf41975db8506d3a1cc02e794e2309c (patch)
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parent64ff609b551914d8c2c51d828920f2ffc5237de7 (diff)
scripts/dtc: only append to HOST_EXTRACFLAGS instead of overwriting
When building with $ HOST_EXTRACFLAGS=-g make the expectation is that host tools are built with debug informations. This however doesn't happen if the Makefile assigns a new value to the HOST_EXTRACFLAGS instead of appending to it. So use += instead of := for the first assignment. Fixes: e3fd9b5384f3 ("scripts/dtc: consolidate include path options in Makefile") Signed-off-by: Uwe Kleine-König <> Signed-off-by: Rob Herring <>
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diff --git a/scripts/dtc/Makefile b/scripts/dtc/Makefile
index a698ece43fff..4852bf44e913 100644
--- a/scripts/dtc/Makefile
+++ b/scripts/dtc/Makefile
@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ dtc-objs := dtc.o flattree.o fstree.o data.o livetree.o treesource.o \
dtc-objs += dtc-lexer.lex.o
# Source files need to get at the userspace version of libfdt_env.h to compile
-HOST_EXTRACFLAGS := -I $(srctree)/$(src)/libfdt
+HOST_EXTRACFLAGS += -I $(srctree)/$(src)/libfdt
ifeq ($(shell pkg-config --exists yaml-0.1 2>/dev/null && echo yes),)